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What Psychological Services are offered?


Psychotherapy is aimed at uncovering negative thoughts and patterns of behavior that might be responsible for various emotional and mental health problems that we face as individuals.  

Once problem behaviours are identified, strategies are developed to help the individual change unhealthy thought and behavior patterns. A range of coping skills are also generated in order to bring about lasting changes to  overall psychological wellbeing.


Individual Psychotherapy, Couple's Therapy

and Group Therapy are offered

Psychological Assessments

Educational assessments are used for children and adolescents experiencing learning, behavioural or emotional challenges. A battery of psychometric tests are administered as well as a detailed psychosocial, medical, developmental and school history taken in order to clarify the nature of the challenges, to determine individual strengths and weaknesses and to develop a plan of action to overcome presenting concerns.

Other types of assessments focus on personality characteristics that might determine suitability for specific occupations, child custody or use of firearms.  

Educational Testing, Personality Assessment, Career Evaluation, Employment Screening are offered

Consultancy Services also available.

Who can use these services?

Each individual faces various life challenges and difficulties during the course of their lives that no doubt affect their emotional health and wellbeing. As such, every person can benefit from psychological services at some point in time.

What about my privacy?

The client's right to privacy is respected and maintained at all times.

All Psychological services are strictly CONFIDENTIAL,

adhering to the highest ethical standards of professional practice.

Contact Information

Online Services now available

Main office:

39 Bengal Street, St James

(868) 388-7640

By appointment only

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